Let Kingdom Coffee Setup Your Fundraiser

Raise Money with Delicious Gourmet Coffee.

Kingdom Coffee carries a torch of light representing a clear goal: To solve a problem and serve a need throughout the communities of the world. Our valuable brand is more than just a powerful campaign for Increase...Kingdom Coffee is a Movement. We specialize in fundraising systems that cultivate currency for the ministries we are called to serve. Our #1 objective is to financially empower every decision maker in the Kingdom who is responsible for the cash flow affiliated with their ministry or non-profit entity.


Leverage Your Time and Energy.

Receive a Fundraising Kit Today. Our Kits come with all the information you will need to Plan Big and Win Big!

With a spirit of Love and Excellence we will handle ALL the administrative tasks related to your fund-raiser. We will also support each volunteer within your network and ensure their success.

Our system is Simple and Proven...as each individual member wins the collective body can celebrate its triumph and most importantly...finance its exploits.
Set Up an Appointment With Our Coffee and Fundraising Experts.

  • Specific proposal for your organization
  • Financial chart that will project your desired financial goal
  • Game plan; how to identify participants and launch fundraiser
  • All necessary paperwork
  • All necessary forms
  • Important information about Gourmet Coffee and health benefits
  • All training materials
  • 24 hour assistance information
  • Much more!

Start Fundraising Today

We provide everything you need for a successful fundraiser. We take care of all the details - contact us today to get started!
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